Aim and Scope

Insights in Aquaculture and Biotechnology  journal is an open access, peer reviewed journal set up with an intention to put forth scientific innovations and updated works on the different methods used for raising and harvesting fish. The journal provides a unique platform that helps to collect and disseminate information in state-of-the-art scientific understanding fisheries and related discipline at global level.

The objective of the journal is to maintain and develop fisheries science and related research at an international level. So, keeping it as primary objective it invites scholars and researchers to share their outstanding research and development results to the world instantaneously by latest advances in the domain of fisheries and aquaculture. The journal aims to collect precise data in the fields of fisheries management, aquaculture development, benefits of aquaculture, fishing technology and related aspects and express them in the form of research articles, review articles, communications, brief report, opinion etc. with a scope to be published online access.