NEUROPHYSIOLOGY 2021: Progress of neuroendocrine modulators in the field of pediatric neurorehabilitation- Pediatric Clinical Research Institute- Soochow University, China

Over the last decade, significant progress has been made in understanding the effects of neuroendocrine regulators, represented by brain gut peptides, leptin, melatonin, as well as ketogenic diet (KD), on brain development, brain injury repair and early warning. This Research Topic contains 10 articles, contributed by 40 authors, from 17 countries (plus 28 experts participating in the review and editing), focusing on most recent understanding of the effects of neuroendocrine regulators on pediatric neurological diseases, including the predictive value of ghrelin, leptin, and other adipokines in the early diagnosis and intervention on pediatric neuropathy, the progress of basic research and the potential translational medicine value, etc.

Author(s): Ni Hong

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