Mental Health 2020: Internet gaming disorder and gambling disorder: Clinical and neurobiological correlates, general comorbid mental disorders and negative social consequences - International Association for the Study of Game Addictions, Switzerland

Immunization is the procedure whereby an individual is made insusceptible or impervious to an irresistible infection, ordinarily by the organization of an antibody. Vaccines stimulate the body's own insusceptible framework to ensure the individual against resulting contamination or ailment.

Gaming disorder has become a significant issue in mental healthcare. While gaming is an important form of entertainment, excessive gaming may cause serious consequences for players. At present, there are still controversies in the academic community concerning the public health problems related to gaming disorder. This article attempts to expound the definition, epidemiology, aetiology, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of gaming disorder, in order to contribute to future conceptualization of gaming disorder.

Author(s): Tetiana Zinchenko

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