Localization of Breast Lesion Using Mammographic-Basic Views

The incidence of breast cancer is more in developed countries (>1000 per million) than in developing countries (<200 per million) but the rate of cancer mortality is higher in developing countries than in developed countries [1]. Cancerous breast lesions accounts for 6% of all cancers in Nepal. This disease is mostly detected in advanced or very late stage due to female illiteracy and lack of awareness in Nepal. Human Female breast is composed of mainly glandular and adipose tissue and has 4 quadrants i.e. upper outer, upper inner, lower outer, lower inner and sub-areolar region. This study was done for two years on females of eastern region of Nepal who visited BPKIHS for mammography examination and at the end of the study it was concluded that Upper outer quadrant of the breast is most susceptible to breast lesion with highest number of pathologies occurring in that area and also mammography was found to be an idealistic imaging modality for both screening and diagnostic purposes of breast

Author(s): Nikki Mishra*, Meena Chakradhar, Ranjit Jha and Rauniyar RK

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