Impact of Diet and Lifestyle on Reversal of Cardiovascular Disease Markers-Diet and Lifestyle Change Primary Influencing Factor Compared to Genetic Predisposition

Cardio vascular disease (CVD) has remained the top cause of death across the globe for decades. It is absolutely normal to think that the CVD is genetic. But the research does not support the fact. There is a constellation of data which supports the fact that reduction in parameters like total and LDL cholesterol, weight reduction, sugar levels reduction in case of diabetics, blood pressure reduction in case of hypertensive and increased physical activity helps in prevention as well as treatment of such diseases. It has also been shown that interchanging the nucleus between two cells or removal of nucleus from a cell does not change the metabolism of the cell till it survives which means that the internal environment of the cell is more important than the DNA for its functions. Cultures where people lived for more than a hundred years with no signs of any heart disease now have their children dying at a tender age of 40’s and 50’s which shows clearly that it is not genetic. Change in diet has also shown reversal of the condition in patients suffering from such diseases. In this paper I have shown how changes in the diet and lifestyle in individuals have helped in improving parameters which as stated above can prevent and treat heart diseases, supporting the theory that diet and lifestyle change is primary influencing factor compared to genetics for CVD. Diet and lifestyle changes can reverse the parameters which predispose an individual to CVD.

Author(s): Nikhil Chaudhary

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