General Characteristics of Edible Films

Edible films and coatings have an increasing trend among preservation of food materials. This review covers definition, history, general information about edible films, their components and quality parameters required for food preservation. History of edible films dates back to 12th and 13th centuries but its evolution continues with big applicational progress up to now. Today there are more than 12 types of commercially used edible films and coatings with sub brands used for preserving food materials. Components of edible films and coatings may vary in order to qualify requirements of food materials that will be protected. So, some ideal criteria should be chosen for selection of suitable components. According to their compositions edible films should meet some quality parameters in order to be used for food preservation. Components and quality parameters should be met with characteristic profile of an edible film or coating.

Author(s): Osman Erkmen* and Aykut Onder Barazi

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