Find a Nefertiti neck! Photorejuvenation of the neck, and decollete

The causes incriminated in the aging of the skin:

Intrinsic aging:

  • Age-related and genetically determined physiological aging: Skin dehydrates, irritates quite easily. Seborrheic keratosis, actinic, and ruby angiomas appear.
  • Hormonal aging during menopause, or age-related androgenic deficiency: Skin thins, withers, dries out. The dermal content of hyaluronic acid is depleted, which will partly explain the loss of skin viscoelasticity.

Extrinsic aging:

  • Photoaging (Heliodermia): evaluated by a specific classification of Glogau, it results in an alteration of the texture, viscoelasticity of the skin, as well as the appearance of wrinkles, pigmented lesions, vascular lesions.
  • Pigmented lesions: solar lentigos, benign lesions treated by IPL and pigment lasers; actinic keratoses treated by liquid nitrogen, ablative lasers or dynamic phototherapy; skin cancers treated with surgical excision.
  • Vascular lesions: Poikilodermy of Civatte, which presents as large polychrome layers with a red background punctuated by small white papules corresponding to the reliefs of hair follicles.
  • Skin aging linked to Tobacco: Smoking multiplies the risk of having premature wrinkles by 4.7, and by 12 when associated with Photoaging. This aging is comparable to that of PV, enhanced by greyish skin, deep wrinkles, cysts and comedones. There are also the problems of scarring and blood circulation related to tobacco. Quitting smoking remains the essential step of treatment!
  • Skin aging and pollution: Pollution accentuates skin aging and unbalances its microbiota ecosystem.

Aging of subcutaneous structures: Muscles, Bones, Fat
The muscles also change, especially the platysma muscle. Its aging will cause the appearance of platysmal cords, which will aggravate the relaxation of the skin on the neck and upper chest. Our spine can undergo osteoarthritis with changes in posture, curvatures and inclinations, including our cervical spine with cervicarthrosis. The appearance of jowls is aggravated by the migration of deep fat.

How to correct, reduce wrinkles, sunspots, tone skin that loses firmness and elasticity, correct double chin?
We currently have a real therapeutic arsenal in aesthetic medicine and medical lasers. These are essentially combinations of treatments.


Author(s): Haykal Diala

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