Challenges in Indian Health Care

The World Bank’s Universal Health Coverage Index quotes India at the 157th position of entire 195 Nations. Lancet Report mentions that India is the poorest performer of all BRICS countries in terms of health and health index Healthcare challenges: WHO states the suicide incidences in India are 21.1/one lakh population. It confirms the lack of mental well-being of citizens. Political, Economic and infrastructural problems: Poverty doesn’t allow people to use expensive health services. Public health expenditure is inadequate, spending is only 1% of GDP. The out of pocket expenditure shifts families from APL to BPL. The lack of regulation by the government in hospitals allows to adopt unethical practices. India which makes up 16.5% of world’s population faces a significant burden of diseases that accounts for “a 3rd of diarrheal diseases, tuberculosis, respiratory, parasitic infestations, prenatal conditions. ¼ of maternal ailments, 5th of nutritional deficiencies. India is the 2nd largest in HIV/AIDS cases in the world. Indian healthcare establishments have pitiable operational strategies. There is Growing Burden of Disease. Poor Healthcare Planning, Inequitable distribution of resources, Shortfall of Physical Infrastructure, Trained Manpower (Doctors, Nurses, Para-medics). Miniscule Healthcare Budget, High Cost of Advanced Treatments, Low Insurance Penetration and Unregulated Private Sector. India has good enactments of laws, but political will is lacking to enforce these laws.

Author(s): Sharadha Ramesh

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