Antioxidant Properties of Organic and Non-organic Tea Brews

The objective was to determine the antioxidant properties of brews obtained from different types of organic and non-organic tea. Twelve different varieties of commercial tea from organic and non-organic source (four each from black, green and flavoured green tea) were procured. Methanolic and aqueous extracts (obtained from brewing tea in hot water for different time periods) of tea were analyzed for antioxidant components and activities. A wide variation was seen in antioxidant components among tea varieties with higher levels in green tea. The total phenols content was highest followed by flavonoids and condensed tannins. Free radical scavenging activity and ferric reducing antioxidant power revealed high antioxidant activity in tea brews, while metal chelating activity was lesser with significant differences between type of tea and between organic and nonorganic samples. All tea samples had high antioxidant potential, though a specific trend between organic and non-organic could not be observed.

Author(s): Prakash J, Nagar MN, Devisetti R and Prabhavathi SN

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