A journey lived: through the eyes of a palliative care provider

Palliative care nursing is an exceptional specialized filed that has persistently care & support patients and families facing a life limiting illness, terminal illness and in end-of-life where the serious illness affects more than just a patient’s body.
The application of together has shaped up palliative care in a sense what patients & families go through is as heavy as huge rock over someone chest. And together we can delicately help to left up that heaviness as much as possible. It is no one man show, it’s an effort of different professions comes together as one team for one goal “QUALITY OF LIFE TILL THE END”
To care for patient’s physical, emotional, psychological, spiritual and social wellbeing, and financially, to support them while making heart-rending decisions and prepare the patients & families for the expected future.
The word HUMAN that drives me to holistically care for my patients &families, knowing that we are “human everything within us connected to each other and each other connected to all” body, mind and soul, all connected, a whole entity.
Every patient deserves to have a DECENT QUALITY OF LIFE, preserved DIGNITY and AUTONOMY having a PCN helping hand to hold, guide and support throughout the ups and downs of the journey, to address their concerns and needs, give them the hope of comfortable and peaceful life yet having the conversation for what next?! And be able to move forward with no guilt’s no regrets. It is AS REWARDING AS IT IS CHALLENGING.

Author(s): Amani Sindi

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