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Insights in Aquaculture and Biotechnology is an International Open Access peer reviewed publication that discusses current research and advancements in Aqua culture and Biotechnology.

The journal covers several key aspects in this fields by including research on topics like Aquaculture, prawn cultivation, crab and pearl farming. Biotechnological applications in improving the production rates, conservation of germplasm of various commercially important and endangered species.

The journal encourages advancements in the areas not limited to the one mentioned above in the form of research articles, reviews, commentaries, case studies and letters to the editors. The editorial manager system facilitates a user friendly article submission, review and publication. Manuscripts that are thoroughly peer reviewed would ensure the best standards in the industry. Submit manuscript at or you can mail to [email protected]

Fish Hatchery

Fish Hatchery is an angle birthplace which is a "place for bogus breeding, hatching and appearance through the aboriginal activity stages of animals, finfish and mollusk in particular". Hatcheries aftermath abecedarian and adolescent angle (and mollusk and crustaceans) primarily to abutment the aquaculture industry area they are transferred to on-growing systems i.e. angle farms to ability autumn size. Some breeds that are frequently aloft in hatcheries cover Pacific oysters, shrimp, Indian prawns, salmon, tilapia and scallops.

Ornamental Fish Farming

Ornamental fish befitting and its advancement has been an absorbing action for many, which accommodate not alone artful amusement but as well farming openings. About 600 accessory of fish breed has been accepted appears as a common from assorted amphibian environments. Indian amnion acquires an affluent assortment of accessory fish, with over 100 aboriginal varieties, in accession to an agnate amount of alien breed that are bred in captivity. Accessory angle ability is fast arising as an above annex of aquaculture globally. Aquarium befitting is the additional better amusement in the apple next to photography and the accessory angle and amphibian bulb industry is fast accepting accent due to its amazing bread-and-butter opportunities and prospects.

Extensive aquaculture

Aquaculture is one of the fastest growing sectors of food production in the world and there is much hope that it will be the supplement to dwindling wild fisheries. Fish is the most important source of protein for many diets, particularly those in rural, coastal communities. Extensive aquaculture is the other form of fish farming. Extensive aquaculture is added basal than accelerated aquaculture in that beneath accomplishment is put into the husbandry of the fish.

Bait fish

Bait fish are small fishes used as allurement to allure ample bloodthirsty fish, decidedly bold fish. Species acclimated are about those that are accepted and brand rapidly, authoritative them simple to bolt and in approved supply. Examples of abyssal allurement fishes are anchovies, gudgeon, halfbeaks such as ballyhoo and scads.

Marine Biology

Marine biology is the scientific study of organisms in the sea. Given that in biology many phyla, families and genera have some species that live in the sea and others that live on land, marine biology classifies species based on the environment rather than on taxonomy.

Fish Farming

Fish cultivating or pisciculture includes bringing fish commercially up in tanks or ponds, mainly for food. It is the foremost type of aquaculture; while different other strategies may fall under mariculture. Around the world, the most extensively used fish species for fish Farming are carp, tilapia, salmon, and catfish.


The term spawning means, discharge or deposition of eggs and sperm into water by aquatic animals. Most water animals, with the exception of aquatic vertebrates and reptiles, procreate by this method. Spawning comprises of the conceptive cells (gametes) of many animals living under water, some of which will progress for fertilization. In this process the female discharges exceptionally large amount of ovum into the water body simultaneously the males release the spermatozoa into the water in order to fertilize the eggs.

Fish Fingerling

Fingerlings are the tiny fishes less than a year old and about the size of a human finger.


Trawling is a strategy used for angling which includes pulling fishing net through the water behind at least one pontoon. The net that is utilized for trawling is known as a trawl. The boats used for trawling are called trawlers or draggers. In this method baits are used to catch fishes in bulk. Trawling is used for both commercial and recreational purposes.

Fishing Techniques

It includes most effective methods of catching fish. These methods include spear fishing, netting, hand gathering, trapping etc. the term Fishing techniques is broadly applied on methods for catching aquatic animals such as molluscs, shellfish, squids etc.

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