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Parietal Peritoneal Hemangioma Mimicking Acute Appendicitis: A Case Report

Cavernous Hemangiomas, known as Cavernomas, are benign tumors of congenital origin, than can involve any organ site. In the abdominal cavity, the liver is the most affected organ. Abdominal walls Hemangiomas are rarely reported. Herein, we present a case of 20 years old healthy female patient, presented with abdominal pain of acute onset. A diagnosis of acute appendicitis was made by abdominal ultrasonography. During operation, the appendix was without inflammatory signs. A vascular mass originating from the parietal peritoneum at the right lower quadrant was demonstrated. Resection of the mass, along with appendectomy was performed. Pathological exam of the mass was compatible with Cavernous Hemangioma.

Author(s): Subhi Mansour, Salma Abofoul, Hany Bahouth, Yuram Kluger, Safi Khuri

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