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Elaboration of Micropropagation Protocol for Vaccinium corymbosum cv. "Sunt Blue Giant"

A reliable and reproducible protocol for micropropagation of Vaccinium corymbosum L. cv “Sunt Blue Giant” was carried out from internodal segments isolated in late April and May from actively growing plants. Explants were established on three different types of basal media (MS, WPM and AN) without Plant Growth Hormone (PGRs). WPM showed the most promising basal medium for explant establishment in vitro. Zi (0.0, 0.5, 1.0 and 2.0 mg/L) and IBA (0.0, 0.1, 0.2 mg/L) and their combinations were tested for bud’s induction. The maximum mean number of shoots formed per explant (3.9) with the highest mean length of axillary shoots formed on the internodal segments (3.2 cm) was obtained on WPM supplemented with 1.0 mg/L Zi 0.1 mg/L IBA. For shoot multiplication, the axillary shoots produced from the establishment stage were cultured on WPM containing 1.0 mg/L Zi in combination with 0.1 mg/L IBA through five successive subcultures and the results showed that, the fourth subculture gave the best results for multiplication. For rooting induction, WPM supplemented with different combinations and concentrations of IBA and IAA in addition to 0.1% AC were used. The highest mean number of roots formed per explant (5.9) were obtained on WPM fortified with 1.0 mg/L IBA after 10 weeks. In addition, the best mean length of adventitious roots/explant (1.05 cm) also obtained on the same medium. Successful acclimatization of rooted plantlets when transferred to soil (pH=3.5-4) was obtained and showed 100 % survival. For non-rooted plantlets, they required an acclimatization for ensure sufficient number of plants survive when transferred to soil. They should be dipped in different concentrations (1 and 2 g/L) of IBA solution for 5 and 10 min before they transferring to the soil (pH =3.5-4), results showed that, the number of survived plantlets (%) increased from 60% (control variant) to 80% (treated variants). Through this work, a reproducible protocol for micropropagation of V. corymbosum L. cv “Sunt Blue Giant” was developed and can help improve micropropagation systems for other Vaccinium species.

Author(s): Mohamed GRA*, Khusnetdinova LZ and Timofeeva OA

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