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The role of social media in health and scientific awareness

Joint Event on 3rd International Conference on General Practice & Primary Care & 24th International Conference on Dental Public Health & Dental Hygiene
August 16-17, 2018 Madrid, Spain

Elham Khalid

Riyadh Elm University, Saudi Arabia

ScientificTracks Abstracts: J Dent Craniofac Res

DOI: 10.21767/2576-392X-C2-005


Social networks or social media are all terms that have made the world as a small village in terms of its impact on the world of communication, exchanging ideas among people and facilitating the transmission of information and news with others. There is no doubt how important the social media or the social networks have become in the last years; whether in terms of their impact on our daily life or our practical life through the exchange of information or the easy way of accessing to it. The social network websites are one of the most prominent aspects of the modern media that did make a quantum leap in the field of communication and the transfer of information in a synchronization with the revolution of the Internet that crystallized in forums, blogs and many of the programs have become one of the most important ways in introducing and knowing the news and the science such as: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and many more. The social media has been able to impose a itself in the modern media world as it became a reliable source for many media people and media institutions. And it became a beacon of interest in public opinion to identify the issues of society where most of the people resort to it to participate, to know about events and to exchange ideas. From this point of view I started my career in raising awareness and advising the society by: 1. Making simple lessons and explanations for people in how to maintain teeth at home. 2. Educating people about the ways to maintain children's teeth. 3. Explaining some of the wrong habits that people doesn’t aware of. 4. And so many other important topics with simple explanations Results: Information is easier to be spread and increasing interaction, participation of members of the community and public demand for attendance and continuous communication. Ease of expression and freedom of opinions, also breaking barriers and red lines. It’s eliminating cultural differences between communities, dissemination of ideas that aim to raise the awareness and the consciousness of people. So our role as dentists is not limited to treatment only. But it begins to intensify efforts to educate the community about the correct methods of treating teeth and to clarify preventive methods that reduce the diseases and the problems of the mouth and the teeth. Prevention is the basis of any treatment and the axis from which it starts the spirit of the profession of a doctor through all the ways that it’s available if it’s digital or else.


Elham khalid holding a bachelor degree in dentistry. Since she was a student and so much interest in public health, she always investigated the methodologies for conducting important and updated medical topics to the mass, and so she found her way through social media. With knowledge, time, effort and discipline she became as consequence an important medical figure in social media mainly in the field of dentistry. Major health sectors (governmental & private) noticed her social activities, the interest & respond of the public to her statues regarding health and her personal signature in providing the medical information. And so she started to cover major conferences, updated mass directed dental health topics.

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