Aim and Scope

Journal of Dentistry and Craniofacial Research aims to supply a standard platform for both clinical and translational research and to market interdisciplinary sciences in craniofacial region. Journal publishes content that has diseases, injuries and defects within the head, neck, face, jaws and therefore the hard and soft tissues of the mouth and jaws and face region; diagnosis and medical management of diseases specific to the orofacial tissues and of oral manifestations of systemic diseases; studies on identifying populations in danger of oral disease or in need of specific care, and comparing regional, environmental, social, and access similarities and differences in care between populations; diseases of the mouth and related structures like salivary glands, temporomandibular joints, facial muscles and perioral skin; biomedical engineering, tissue engineering and stem cells.

The journal publishes reviews, commentaries, peer-reviewed original research articles, short communication, and case reports.

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