Self-care and prevention of complications by diabetics in a unit of the first level of care, Ibarra 2017

EuroSciCon Event on Nursing Diagnosis & Midwifery
September 10-11,2018 Prague,Czech Republic

Rocio Elizabeth Castillo Andrade, Viviana Margarita Espinel Jara and Gabriela Solange Flores Duarte

North Technical University, Ecuador

ScientificTracks Abstracts: J Nurs Health Stud

DOI: 10.21767/2574-2825-C4-011


Diabetes is a growing problem of Public Health due to the increase in the prevalence of this pathology, which affects all types of population due to the change in life patterns. The main objective was to establish self-care for the prevention of complications in diabetic patients: a descriptive transversal study with qualitative, non-experimental design. To collect the information, a survey was applied whose data were processed in Microsoft Excel, as main results were obtained that, the majority group are women, with ages between 50 to 69 years, with a primary level of education, they have a good knowledge about the disease and the rigorous diet to which they must submit, however, show no interest in applying it, 50% of the people studied indicate that they perform physical activity at least once a week and 50% attend medical checkups every two months. It was found that 16.9% have wounds that are difficult to heal and that the care of their feet and immunizations are topics of little knowledge. With these results, it was considered pertinent to carry out a guide to promote the strengthening of self-care knowledge in diabetic patients.


Rocio Elizabeth Castillo Andrade has obtained her Degree in Nursing at the Technical University of North Ibarra Ecuador, and of Magister in Teaching University and Educational Investigation, National University of Loja. She has worked as: Nurse in the Hospital San Vicente de Paúl de Ibarra, Professor of the Nursing Career at the Technical University of the North. She has served as Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences of the Universidad Técnica del Norte. She currently serves as Dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences of the Universidad Técnica del Norte.