Lymphatic malformation

Joint Event on 3rd International Conference on General Practice & Primary Care & 24th International Conference on Dental Public Health & Dental Hygiene
August 16-17, 2018 Madrid, Spain

Omer Amer Elhag Abdalla

Gezira University, Sudan

ScientificTracks Abstracts: J Dent Craniofac Res

DOI: 10.21767/2576-392X-C2-005


Background: Lymphatic malformation (LM) is rare vascular malformations. Objective: To define the clinical characteristics of children with (LM) and their management Methods: We performed a retrospective hospital based cross – sectional study with descriptive & analytic component using data collection sheets stating the name , age ,gender and residence of the patients . Demographic and clinical features diagnostic imagining treatment and complications were recorded. Result: Nine males and eleven females patients with LM were identified .the anatomical location of LM involved the right site of the neck and the lip more frequently 30% followed by the tongue and check with equal 20% . According to the consistency soft swelling presented in 11 patients 55% seven patients presented with firm 35%. According to the surface 80% smooth and 4% non smooth .blue and normal skin texture were the most common color 30%,pink 20% red 10% yellowish 10% . Half of the LM found compressible .according to the shape 75% diffuse in shape 25% rounded the main age was 14.8 (6 months to 49 years ) . Infants and and children were more affected than anther age groups. Adult patients who were exposed to trauma or radiation may be at risk. Patients treated either by surgery or sclerotherapy. LM causes morbidity and death in one child. Conclusion: LM is heterogeneous vascular malformations that may result in significant morbidity diagnosis is often delayed. And cystic hygroma is risk factor for air way obstruction Multidisciplinary approach to management including dermatology, diagnostic and interventional radiology, paediatric surgery is important.


Omar Amer Elhag Abdalla is a faculty member of Dentistry department of oral and maxillofacial surgery in University of Gezira. He completed his M.D oral and maxillofacial surgery in Sudan medical specialization Board 2009. FSAOCMF oral and maxillofacial surgery in Medical University centre, Hamburg, Germany and BDS in Khartoum University 1997. His research interest includes oral and maxillofacial surgery.


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