Focus Scope

The mission of Insights in Enzyme Research is to publish peer-reviewed papers and survey articles on research and development in the fields of Enzyme Research.

Insights in Enzyme Research provides a platform for innovative research, new concepts, and novel developments in the field of Enzyme Research to solve the related issues in that particular field. The Insights in Enzyme Research will be unique in its discipline by setting standards in the field of Enzyme Research. 

Insights in Enzyme Research aims to publish the groundbreaking research in enzymology, by including cellular lipid metabolism, biocatalysis, enzyme mechanisms and cellular functions in broader aspects of biology. Mainly on aspects related to discovery of enzymes, enzyme structure, enzyme mechanisms, cellular and metabolic functions of enzymes, exploitation of enzymes for biotechnological and pharmaceutical applications, drug discovery, biochemical aspects of enzymes, bioinformatics, computational analysis, molecular modelling studies, new advancements in enzyme expression and purification, biocatalysis, biomolecular engineering, enzyme kinetics and inhibitors.