Stem Cell And Tissue Engineering Approach For Neuronal Recovery Following Spinal Cord Injury : Current status and Future prospects

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A spinal cord injury (SCI) is a devastating condition that results in sensory and motor loss as well as various organ failures. Current treatment approaches, like surgery and medication, have shown to be effective, however they are unable to provide a complete cure for persistent SCI symptoms. Tissue engineering, which includes neuroprotective or growth factors, stem cells, and biomaterial scaffolds, has gotten a lot of interest because of its capacity to regenerate and bridge the gap in the damaged spinal cord. Tissue engineering in preclinical investigations indicated functional recovery and neurorestorative benefits. Only a few clinical experiments have shown that tissue engineering is both safe and effective. However, additional research into prospective therapy options is required. The pathogenesis of spinal cord injury and current treatments are summarised in this presentation.

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