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Rehabilitations are always a very important part of treatment and considered to be primary. It provides in enhancing a person ability to be functional and independent on fulfilling the needs and enriching the natural healing process. Nowadays the term digitalization has stepped in our lives which were earlier restricted in health care but now stepped in health care with full of zeal and ability to fulfill with best possible solutions. Digital health is the technological setup which is created with the health care sectors and the brains of engineers to beat the inability, inaccessibility to be able and accessible as a social and economic factor The term of digital health is best solution for the organization presenting with absenteeism of employees with health care issues, places where the patient is unable approachable to the health care center or the quality of health care rehabilitation is not available at their center. So long the development of digital sectors in health care, there is the introduction of the rehabilitation in digital health sectors, where the proper applications is accessible to all smart phones. As per the World health organization the digital health is innovation to healthcare sector at a new level providing the transparency, accessibility and availability of health care service at every place

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