Reason behind Gums Bleeding During Leukemia Disorder

Victor Eduardo de Souza Batista*

Department of Dentistry, Public University in Sao Paulo, Brazil

*Corresponding Author:
Victor Eduardo de Souza Batista Department of Dentistry, Public University in Sao Paulo, Brazil, E-mail:

Received: September 09, 2021; Accepted: September 23, 2021; Published: September 30, 2021

Citation: Batista VEDS (2021) Eating style after oral surgery. J Dent Craniofac Res. Vol.6 No.55

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Peoples when going through the leukemia disorder, they face so many types of health issue out of which bleeding from gums and nose very common ( but it does not mean if someone bleed from nose and mouth then it must not be leukemia, maybe there is some other reason behind that). Mostly children are affected by this disease. Here I discuss regarding the relation between leukemia and gums bleeding.


We know tooth decay and other gum disease are caused by the bacteria in dental plaque, but some time genetic factors contribute to the progression of both diseases. Not brushing or flossing is not the only bad habits for oral health, there are so many bad habits which impact our oral health, If not prevented, can have a long term impact on the health of our teeth. In this article a brief description regarding this was given.

For a bad oral health sometimes genes plays a role but most of the time our bad habits and carelessness about oral hygiene is responsible. Now a day everyone maintains a busy life and have no time for think about our oral health until unless goes through an oral problem.

Genetic disorders which are responsible for bad oral health are anodontia, hypodontia, amelogenesis imperfect, dentin genesis imperfect, cleft lip and palate, Down syndrome, Klinefelter syndrome, Mohr syndrome, Tricho dento osseous syndrome. Except this disorder if a person suffers by any oral problems than any environmental factor, smoking like bad habits, food habits, life styles are responsible for this. There is some bad habits are describe below.

• Yes brushing twice a day is good for oral health but when peoples roughly brush the teeth or applied force at the time of brushing the teeth then it not only bad for teeth but also bad for gums. Gums bleeding or tooth decay like problems are arise due to this reason.

• Generally 90% of people have a common bad habit from childhood that is nail biting. This is habit causes jaw dysfunction.

• Mostly everyone have a habit of using teeth as a tool for cutting anything, opening bottle etc. which may causes cracking of the teeth as well as muscle tenderness and painful sensation in gums.

• In this modern world in the name of fashion people are doing so many things. Tongue piercings is one out of all the trends which raising the risk of infections and sores. Because, when a metal constantly present in the mouth, provides a suitable environment for bacteria growth. And sometimes it also harmful for teeth.

• Some peoples are though that ice is as good as water or harmless so they Snacking/chewing on ice cubes. But if biting down on hard, frozen ice cubes can chip or even in some cases, crack teeth. And continuously snack on ice tube can causes irritation on the soft tissues inside the teeth. This results sensitivity like problem.

• Sometimes due of overconfidence peoples are not use mouth guard at the time of risky sports which sometimes results face injuries.

• Smoking causes Smoking stains teeth, gum and periodontal disease, premature tooth loss; reduce the production of saliva, increasing the risk of bad breath which caused by harmful bacteria and food decomposition and tooth decay.

• Intake of excess amount of alcohol can decrease the taste sensation power of mouth. Sometimes regular drinkers are unable to identify some taste. Alcohol contain acids this can also causes harm to teeth enamel and results tooth decay, cavity etc. like problem.

• In case of babes, if they go through any oral problem then there is some mistake done by parents like giving baby a bedtime bottle of juice or milk, can put the baby on the path to tooth decay. Because the baby mouth ends up soaking in all of the sugars in the drink overnight.

• Coffee is our part of life. Without a cup of coffee we can’t imagine a fresh and shiny morning but it also has some bad impact on our oral health. The acidity in the coffee can cause yellowing over time.


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