Prevalence of tooth wear among sample of Sanaâ??a and Aden governorates population of the republic of Yemen.

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Background. The prevalence of tooth wear is increasing especially among adult individuals. This study investigated tooth wear prevalence among adult Yemeni population, exploring the associated risk factors. Materials and Methods Clinical oral examination was thoroughly done and tooth wear of upper and lower, posterior and anterior teeth was scored and self-administered questionnaire was distributed and filled by the participants. The study was conducted in the dental clinics of the College of Dentistry, University of Science and Technology Sanaâ??a and College of Dentistry, University of Aden Republic Yemen. Six handers individuals half of them from Sanaâ??a city and the other half from Aden city were participated. The participants were subdivided into two groups representing 300 male and 300 female subjects. A five point occlusal/incisal grading scale was used (scores from 0-4) to determine the grade of the tooth wear. Results of the 600 participants, 78.3% showed tooth wear. Sanaâ??a population showed higher degree of tooth wear (93%) than Aden population (63%). The degree of tooth wear was found to be mild in 42% of males and 42.7% in females and moderate in 35.3% of males and 27.7% of females and severe to very severe in 8% of males and 1.7% of females. Biography: Mohammed Dubais, has completed PhD from University of Khartoum Sudan College of Dentistry. He is a member of the committee of dental research at college of post graduate study and scientific research. Has published more than 7 papers in reputed journals and is serving as an editorial board member of Yemeni Journal for medical Sciences. He is a member of the scientific research ethical committee. He worked as head, department of prosthodontics from 2008-2010 and dean of collegeofdentistryfrom2011-2014.

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