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Pharmacy's role in a modern health continuum

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Developing a health care system that puts people at the center of their own care and uses all available resources as effectively as possible has become a consistent goal of most governments. Achieving this goal requires different health professionals to work in collaboration with each other to meet the health needs of patients. In order for that to happen, governments must work with all key professional groups to use all available resources of the system most effectively and, importantly, pharmacists must be recognized as the professional that coordinates drug therapy management. In addition, governments must put in place policies and a regulatory and funding environment that facilitates team-based care and acknowledges and supports the professional competencies of all health professions. These basic points were made in a White Paper prepared for the Alberta Minister of Health. This article, derived from that paper, was prepared to help pharmacists and other pharmacy organizations understand the critical steps needed for individuals and the health system to fully experience and benefit from pharmacists’ skills and services.

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