Immunotherapy: A New Ray of Hope

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Surgery is the first thing we think of when it comes to the treatment of oral cancer. Why not try something less invasive? Carcinoma of head and neck has a complex relation with the human immune system. With time the advancement of molecular biology and genetics have opened new doors of immunotherapy. In this poster we will brief on the interaction of human immune system with the tumor cells and how it has through its various mechanisms by using multiple agents such as monoclonal antibodies , anti OX -40, checkpoint inhibitors, adoptive cell transfer, vaccination, oncocytic virus therapies and cytokines combat the fatal brunt of cancer. We will give an insight about biomarkers use of immunotherapy as an adjuvent with chemotherapy and radiotherapy. We will further give an outline of studies held under random phase trials with platinum based chemotherapy and anti PD L1 therapy and will shortly explain its long term benefits in the coming years.

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