Health Care and Trends

In the recent decade, we have witnessed a shift towards healthcare universal coverage, in an attempt to address the unmet needs, particularly in the primary care sector. In parallel, global healthcare providers and research based corporations, are focusing more on specialty care and rare diseases, leaving primary care focus on the shoulder of governmental bodies. In this abstracts, we will address the main factors driving future healthcare trends Rural Healthcare (Out of Reach) Rural healthcare providers and hospitals will continue to turn to leveraging new technology as they experience population loss. Technologies, such as telehealth and telemedicine, and consumer health wearables or smartphones, can enable rural-based care systems to consolidate specialty care services and referrals as ways to survive and grow in an evolving market. Consumerism in Healthcare As costs for consumers continue to rise, consumers become more engaged in making certain they are getting the best value for their money. They have come to expect transparency and choice in their healthcare experience. Workforce Demand Employers will continue to expand their benefits and voluntary benefits to include critical illness coverage, fitness centers, onsite or near-site health clinics, and access to convenient care retail clinics.

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