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There has been a significant amount of research into the relationship of dental or oral health with overall health of a person. It wouldn’t be an exaggerated statement but factually proven that a good dental health translates to a better overall health. For example, people with a poorer dental hygiene are more prone to have negative medical effects on other organs of the body. Bacteria in gum disease can cause heart diseases, gum infections in pregnant women may lead to premature births, higher susceptibility to gum infections in diabetics, painful mouth ulcers in STDs are just a few examples to prove the significant relation of dental health to an overall well-being. Although the importance of dental health is well appreciated in the general population today, the fears of visiting a dental facility or getting your teeth/gums treated are very common. Nearly 40% of the population, in general, is estimated to be suffering from dental fears or phobia. These numbers are alarming because, as mentioned above, any negligence in oral hygiene maintenance can have profounding negative effects on various other medical conditions. Hence, it is of prime importance that this issue of fear, anxiety is dealth with.

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