Establishment of a Pan-European Master Value Catalogue for Clinical Disease Management Milestones, Codes and Terms for use by the digital services of Electronic Health Record and e-Prescription Systems for all EU Member States

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This presentation aims to communicate a major problem regarding the low quality of health information collected in most of the integrated digital health national systems in Europe. According to a pre-analytical review (conducted in Greece1 by Reformed2, in the collected eHealth data from EHR and e-Prescription national services), the physician’s ability to use extended classifications regarding diagnostic terms and codes, and furthermore the conceptual design of digital health services mostly in the aspect of reporting individual patient-physician contacts, produce a large amount of data that are limited in precision, integrity, and quality and are not in agreement to the clinical practice.

This presentation proposal is targeted to raise awareness of the need for a combined semantic mechanism, and it related Standard Oriented Procedures (SOP) in the form of a central Clinical Master Value Catalogue (C-MVC) definition, which can become a solid framework for the development of high-quality digital health services for physician specialties. Furthermore, this C MVC, based on accurate and critical nosology and epidemiology large-scale data, will also act as a milestone disease treatment digital management guide for physicians.

This core-level functional enhancement willsignificantly advance the delivery of the rational drugor medical examination prescription following accurate clinical evaluations, and the overall patient safety. Hence, it will strengthen the health care systems in terms of decision making, health-policies impact assessment, and proper health budgeting.

The C-MVC will be beneficial for health professionals, physicians, patients, and the health care systems, but most of all it will support the easier journey of patients across Europe, building a fully operational cross-border health care digital network.

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