Digital Approach to abutment selection for dental implant restoration

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One of the complications accruing during the implant placement is malalignment or placement in less ideal position to eliminate complications. Most recommended concept of implant positioning is the restoration driven implant placement according to prosthetic and esthetic demands. In case where in the implant has osseointegrated and is anticipated the function optimally and unfavorable inclination is the only problem, the use of angulated or custom abutment can often improve the prosethetic results implant restoration. The various implant abutment options available are prefabricated abutments (Standard, Straight, preparable, and angled abutments) and custom made abutments (fully customized and customizing the prefabricated abutments). The most important advantage of customized abutment are the creation of a better emergence profile, modification of the abutment to match the contour of the restoration rather than designing the restoration to match the shape of the abutment. Better distribution of stress and load, potential for better and hygiene and creation of supragingival or sub gingival margins in different cervical areas. This lecture gives an insight into the various options of customized abutments available restoration of the malposed implants.

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