Diet for a Good Oral Health

Abeer Elsayed Elembaby*

Department of Restorative Dental Science, University of Dammam, Saudi Arabia

*Corresponding Author:
Abeer Elsayed Elembaby Department of Restorative Dental Science, University of Dammam, Saudi Arabia, E-mail:

Received: September 09, 2021; Accepted: September 23, 2021; Published: September 30, 2021

Citation: Elembaby AE (2021) Diet for a Good Oral Health. J Dent Craniofac Res. Vol.6 No.5

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For a good smile, healthy and beautiful teeth must be required. But nowadays due to various reasons different types of dental problems are found in young age groups. The main reason behind this is our unhealthy lifestyle. Here is a brief description of the diet for good and how it affects the oral health given.


For a good smile a health and beautiful teeth must be required. But now days due to various reason different types of dental problems found in young age groups. The main reason behind this is our unhealthy life style. Here a brief description about the diet for good and how it is affect the oral health given.

When people eat or drink anything first it comes in contact with teeth and before impacting any internal organ, affects oral health first. So for a good oral health required to intake good quality of food with containing fewer amounts of starch and carbohydrates. When people are intake any sugary food or drinks not only they feed themselves but also they feed germs and bacteria which are present in tooth surface and promotes the process of tooth decay.

One of the most commonly known bacteria is plaque. These bacteria always present in mouth or we can say that around the tooth, in an invisible manner. These are present around the tooth in the form of a thin invisible film in inactive form. Sugary food sources act as a trigger to activate these bacteria. When these bacteria are activated they started producing a special type of acid. This produce acid has ability to collapse gums, bone, and other supporting structures of teeth. When teeth repeated encountered with these acids, degradation of enamel is start which results loss of the surface of the tooth causes to a smooth shiny appearance. Dental erosion can also make any exposed tooth root sensitive to hot, cold or sweet foods and drinks. The enamel may wear away to reveal the underlying dentine and that areas look like yellow depressions on the tooth surface. It becomes more prominent when the surrounding tooth surface is dissolving away due to the reason of acid attack.

There are some good foods which help to improve oral health and some is worst foods which destroy oral health. We cannot stop eating of this bad food because they also play an important role to keep us fit and fine e.g. mostly fruits and fruit juices are carbohydrate reach food also they are not good for tooth enamel but they are reached in vitamins and macro nutrients and provide a required nutrition to body. So that people have to slightly extra careful for maintain a best oral hygiene. The good foods are Fluoride containing foods and drinks which helps to reduce the production of acid in mouth, Sugar free chewing gum which helps in production of more saliva in mouth which helps to wipe out the food particles stock in teeth and due to sugarless it cannot promote the production of acid. Green and black teas, contains polyphenols which when comes in contact with plaque either it kill these bacteria or inhibit the bacteria growth in mouth with this it may be a fluoride drinks depending upon the water which used for prepare tea. Dairy products, these are rich in calcium and phosphates and this is helps to rebuild dental enamel which is lost due to plaque bacteria. Green vegetables are also good for dental health.

Sticky candies and sweets or any sticky food products, carbonated soft drinks, alcohol, some special type of medicine are bad for oral health. So that after intake of such things must require brushing the teeth and if the tooth paste contains fluoride then it is beneficiary. Eating sugary foods with meals is also less harmful for oral health.


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