Depression: 528 Hz Music Frequency as a Coping Strategy

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Young Adults due to the consistent dynamic environmental (COVID-19) scenario are in constant need of adaptability and coping techniques. When they fail to adapt and cope, it results in encountering stress, anxiety and depression. Depression is caused through the negative thoughts and reactions towards life’s circumstances when they become repetitively and seemingly more intense. The Love frequency can be fundamental to broadcasting all matter and energy into reality according to the laws of physics. 528 HZ Music Frequency is known as the ‘Miracle’ tone which brings remarkable and extraordinary changes. The current research emphasized on the need to enhance one of the coping strategies 528 HZ Music Frequency for the young adults to cope with depression and observe if there is any effect of practicing it regularly on their level of depression. The results infer that there is a significant change in the level of depression after practicing the coping strategy of 528 HZ Music Frequency. The intervention provided to the experimental group participants showed decrease in their level of depression after the training when compared to their level of depression before exposing them to the intervention.

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