Dental Care during Pregnancy

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Pregnancy is the unique period in a womenâ??s lifetime. Good oral health during pregnancy is important to the overall health of both the expectant mother and her baby.1 Dental care is safe for pregnant patient and can prevent long term health problems for both mother and child. Oral changes in mouth are due to variations in female sex hormones, and causes an increased vasculature permeability and decrease in the hostâ??s immunity, thus making the pregnant women more prone to oral infections.2 Pregnancy is a not a contraindication to dental treatments, clinician should consult with patientâ??s physician to clarify the individual treatment issue. Drug of choice should be the one which is least toxic and prescribing of systemic drugs of any kind should be Performed after consultation with the obstetrician.2,3 During pregnancy dental treatment may be modified but not withheld, provided the risk of assessment is made properly for both the patient and the fetus. Biography: Bhuvaneshwari Bhalme has completed her Bachelors of Dental surgery from Maharashtra University of health sciences, Nasik. She has presented various research and review papers at her institute. She has worked as cultural secretory of Studentâ??s Welfare Association of Vspmâ??s Dental College. She has keen interest in social research and has ongoing research on â??Knowledge, attitude of Dental insurance among Patientsâ?? and â??Eco-friendly dentistryâ??. Other topic of her extensive research is about the â??Knowledge of Dental students towards Computer Ergonomicsâ?? and â??Basic lifeSupportâ??.

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