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Dark Matter in a Molecule

Martin Vlcek*

eFunctionality, Non-Profit Research Group, Prague, Czech Republic

*Corresponding Author:
Martin Vlcek
eFunctionality, Non-Profit Research Group, Prague, Czech Republic
Tel: 727164850
E-mail: martin.v[email protected]

Received date: February 02, 2018; Accepted date: February 20, 2018; Published date: February 26, 2018

Citation: Vlcek M (2018) Dark Matter in a Molecule. Pharm Biotechnol Curr Res Vol.2 No.1:1.

Copyright: © 2018 Vlcek M. This is an open-access article distributed under the terms of the creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution and reproduction in any medium, provided the original author and source are credited.

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Dark matter

As in other holistic systems also in a molecule there is supposed that on the top of its control is a structure euphemistically named as a Dark Matter (DM). In newly erasing systems it is not detached out of DM what is included in elements – so as it is the case in e.g., matrimony. In more developed system some elements with their DM transform themselves to an entity with an activity only of the type of DM – so as it is the case of e.g., plants and parliaments in parliamentary democracy.

In a case of a molecule e.g., of an interested for man molecule of water let DM is situated “near” the area “riche with neurons”. Human knowledges about the structure of a molecule are some average of big numbers and don’t say many about a concrete molecule. From this reason there is in general consciousness denied to this entity any individuality and the whole complex of molecules control itself by only global interests what more exactly means by no interests or by motivation of a “cloud”.

Submitted work about molecules of water doesn’t stem upon exact observations because they will be seemingly yet some time unreal. It stays upon analogies and also uses a historical experience. All the time a man has tendency to attribute to anything different from him only such an intelligence how many remains in this difference of similarity. By other words anything different is unintelligent and as high is this difference as more mechanistic is its substance. But subsequently man leaves this man-oriented approach, step by step. And this work would like to be such a similar small step.

Following reflections are built upon long-lasting calculations made by a structural model of events upon macroeconomic structures and on different levels. A holistic structure is their result and following reflections made on basis of principle “per analogam”, too.

Gravitation: The whole molecule characterizes itself by a distribution of gravitation. It goes about gravitation among individual elements of a molecule but also between molecule and its environment. Let this gravitation is understood as a manifestation of existence. A mutual gravitational influencing is also a manifestation of an interest of parts of NM to stay into the object – the molecule. More weighty elements of a molecule are not parts having a groundless higher weight but they are parts having a well-grounded higher tendency to stay in the molecule. And a mutual “cock-up” of gravitational relations is a manifestation of all engaged parts in what about the same tendency

At the same time it is a sequel of attributing to different parts of e.g., a molecule a certain inner intelligence. It goes about an ability to judge what is convenient for an element or group of elements and it goes about the same ability as manifests e.g., a man in some social structure. Perhaps with only this difference that the ability of judgement of this element in relation to its developmental advancement will be in some order higher than the human one.

That is why it goes about an analogical situation with what e.g., two partners are attracted inside a matrimony. There is an emotional relation characterizing itself by a fact that it is all the time attracting – of course with some variability. And it doesn’t have to be quit symmetric, one partner can be coupled less than the second one. That is why it has a smaller weight from point of view of a matrimonial “weight”.

Also the molecular weight is variable, maybe with only a smaller volatility. It is a manifestation of a development and in general of the existence of an object – that is why of e.g., a molecule. That is why the gravitation is not a unique physical quantity with a hardly searching wave characteristic but it is a general omnipresent manifestation of the existence. And every existence and every level has its own gravitation and its own manifestation and substance of its existence. In big numbers and because of quite different times connected with every such existence they are difficultly observable. But this doesn’t mean that they don’t exist.

Aggregation in DM: Because of a characteristic of the gravitation, what means because of its manifestation connected with a tendency to stay or leave in a given structure, it goes about a fundamental quantity what every object on every level has to monitor and to control. It stays behind the substance of existence of any object. An object what elements are not to some extent mutually attracted, are not mutually “attractive” and that is why cannot exist.

Let a part of control of a molecule connected with monitoring of this mutual attractivity, named in general as a satisfaction, let this part is named DM. That is why a dark matter for a given object, a part of control monitoring and controlling the existence itself. Its localization is unclear to the author. From a conservative point of view it could be located in some areas of a molecule not working with a charge – e.g., a neutronic one. But because of a developmental forwardness a process of making independent the DM of the object could arise and thus its transfer to some “tool” of dark matter. And there only its relations with the NM could define its liaisons with the object. Such a localization could even more better correspond to the astronomic notion of DM staying aside of any “existing, normal” structures.

From a phylogenetic point of view the most exact suggestion seems that a localization of DM is from its substance – what means in relation to the NM – impossible.

Different objects has their own different strategy of evaluation of existence. First of all it is necessary to have a possibility to quantify it. That is why it is a function what is to some extent a sum of all satisfaction of elements. In addition there is a satisfaction of the whole object. The simplest strategy of control is such one what monitors only this one number. Nevertheless also here the way to its optimization is many. It goes about an ability to react at time and to forecast a lowering of existence. There is a “struggle” among all and only this one survives what controls its existence better.

Principle of the activity of DM consists in a fact that it aggregates information about satisfaction in individual parts and finds out important singularities. It goes about local discrepancies in distribution of satisfaction where a different one from the existent was expected and this state is named as a tension of satisfaction. In general this tension is “suspicious” and is dangerous because it is inexplicable for the object. And its explicability stays upon its history. That is why it goes about a connection of an event in satisfaction with a change in the global value of satisfaction – the existence.

As soon as a tension is found what in the past led to a lowering of existence of the object also a control is used what showed in the past to be useful. More concretely the NM and its consciousness are activated.

Reconstruction of identification: The process of identification is not unchangeable. Its different parts are differently sensitive to a reconstruction. This happens as a result of two kind of feedbacks. One is a quick feedback inside DM and another one is a slow one closed over the whole process of control.

In the quick feedback it goes in general about a mechanism by what recorded structures of events together with their solutions are either strengthened or weakened. A structure what is verified in a given situation during solution and verification of identified event is strengthened and vice versa.

During the quick feedback there are two modes of influencing. By a stimulating one on ways what co-formulate the given structure and thus represent co-active inputs. By an inhibiting one onto areas what were from a longtime point of view non-active with the given identifying structure.

Slow feedbacks closed over the whole molecule and over the whole its controlling process are realized by a control of parts for reconstruction e.g., in an electronic envelope. Thanks to this influence over the environment but also thanks to finer inner reconstructions a change of identified event of satisfaction happens. This in an optimal situation means that the threat for existence is removed. In this sequel a strengthening of an identifying structure in DM happens, this time thanks to the activity coming from NM.

Control of NM: From the area of DM the controlling information enters into NM. Substance of the control from DM is double. Firstly the only fact of coming of an activity from DM is necessary for the activity of NM, it represents its certain pacemaker. It is possible to say that the output from DM is a unit of time of the molecule and that is why the time of a molecule is a sum of output activity of DM. And only thanks to this activity of DM an output from a top level of NM – from the consciousness – into other parts of NM can happen.

Secondly it goes about “the power” with what the individual activity of DM enters into NM. It represents a certain fund, confidence for NM and under its covering an individual step of work of NM proceeds. The top level of control of NM connected with this output from DM will be later on named as VED.

Normal matter

Visible or normal matter NM is connected with known parts of a molecule or occasionally of an atom. In majority of cases it goes about a parts connected with some electric charge. Also here relations of attraction etc. can exist but it is important that these relations are not a manifestation of tendency of these parts to stay inside the molecule but of their interconnection into a productive activity – it could be said of an inner process of a molecule. NM is also a part connected with different forms of changes of energy.

The activity of a molecule itself, its seemingly aimless dynamic of interconnections of parts and transfer of energy and of entities is perhaps necessary to understand as an activity for what results is a demand in the environment. And this demand forms a motivation for it. That is why it is possible to say that in a molecule there is a ”productive” process and for its outputs is a demand in the environment.

Tension of successfulness: For the control of a molecule two quantities are used – as in every holistic object. The satisfaction is connected with work of DM, the successfulness with work of NM and mainly with its central part - VED. VED is in other objects e.g., in the human organism equal to an area responsible for formation of consciousness.

Tension of successfulness is in general an uneven state of demand for similar activities. As more similar these are and as more different is the demand so higher is the tension. Then this quantity characterizes e.g., whole group of elements or an area. It goes about the maximal from all tensions e.g., in a group. Afterward this information about the tension is used in formation of the consciousness of a molecule and in a reconstruction of NM on its basis.

Because of an analogy with other holistic systems it is perhaps possible to suppose that the area of VED is probably situated in some part of the object what has instruments to influence the border. It is schematically said the area of electrons and the influencing area could be the area of protons. And here a localization of DM seems to offers itself to be in an area of neutrons. That is why a triad of main controlling elements arises.

Solution of tension: Tensions from individual parts of molecule are aggregated into one global tension. It stepwise choses the most important tension from parts and it is afterward solved systemically.

It follows from calculation that a great portion of tensions has its origin in material inputs into molecules. It goes about a situation when similar inputs have dissimilar demand from the productive area. And seemingly it is an indication of the fact that there is a problem with satisfaction, too. Because if two elements work on similar positions but with a dissimilar satisfaction it reflects itself primarily on a different consumption of inputs.

By this manner VED orients itself to the origin of activity in molecule to firstly find out through its activity places of nonsatisfaction and secondly to solve them. VED solves this tension on inputs throughout an activity on the border, mainly in area of relations with the environment.

And similarly as in the case of DM also in VED the finding out of a global information signals that a solution is found, too.

That is why one global activity on outputs of VED what showed in the past to be successful in solution of found out event of tension of successfulness. And similarly as in the case of DM also this aggregation is a result of usage of stimulating and inhibiting instruments.

Not only information about material inputs but also about a distribution of inputting energy, about a tension on the border and about a tension in successfulness can get into the consciousness. At least calculations about stocks and about macroeconomic environment indicate this. These are information complementing the initial information from material input. e.g., tension in energy doesn’t principally differs from the tension in material inputs. It shows toward a position where similar elements dissimilarly intensively work. That is why it is only a quantitative enlargement.

Reconstruction: During a realization of the control also here a pyramid is used similarly as in the consciousness, but inversely turned. It goes about disintegration. From VED comes an aggregated command on a highest level. This one globally describes the task for a part of control specialized in the reconstruction.

If this “writing out” of control from VED doesn’t happens, the process returns from the unrealizable level one step back and a new attempt of a different writing out is made. When the writing out is realizable, it is made and the control is transferred to a part responsible for evaluation of satisfaction.

And that is why a circle of solution of the primarily event is closed. Firstly in an optimal case the possible threat for the existence is removed and secondly the whole successful way of this removal is strengthened in the structure of control.

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