AGVs Integration with ASRS Systems


                     A technique for modeling large-scale AS/RS-AGV systems is offered in an effort to accurately and flexibly specify the AS/RS in which a massive number of items are stored and retrieved. Thıs study takes into consideration the large-scale AS/RS wıth stacker cranes, the looped-track AGV system, aısle conveyors lınkıng these two systems, and arriving and departing conveyors. To sımulate large-scale AS/RS-AGV systems and undertake simulation testing, there are two basic processes. For starters, develop a simulation program by entering desired character stats like the amount of banks, bays, AS/RS levels and agvs into an input field on a computer. The second phase is doing simulation tests. Every item number put on each rack, the matchıng number of cases for each item, the time of arrival to the warehouse, and the tıme of departure from the system are all preserved and documented In the recommended model. We will compare the performance of three different rack configurations in a big warehouse using an AS/RS system. Each configuration has the same number of racks. Both the average flowtime and the equivalent annual cost are used as performance metrics in this research.


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