Addiction Treatment through an Alternate Life Therapy

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Addiction treatment needs to be holistic in nature. It is primarily a behavioral issue which can have physical and at times psychiatric affectations. At all times it is the individual that needs treatment not the substance. Once the addiction has surfaced, treating them to the roots, where compulsive and all addictive logics are countered with reality, with the help of our Alternate life therapies, takes a person to a point of a balanced mind, and the probability of a relapse is reduced to a 0% chance. This is only voluntary, individualized to each client's needs. Professional and experiential counselors and physicians live with the client, being available 24/7. The module will be elaborated during the webinar. Codependency is a problem that needs to be tackled at an equal footing. In this talk you will learn: • About the problem of addiction in brief • To identify an addictive personality • To identify addictive traits in oneself • To motivate an individual into accepting help • Identify the right kind of solution That the family of the chemically dependent individual needs equal help and identifying the denials and manipulations of the co-dependent. Thus, Anatta Humanversity has succeeded in leading many of those suffering from addictions and their families to a life of dignity and self-love.

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