Zinner Syndrome-Developmental Anomaly of Mesonephric Duct (Case Report)

Zinner syndrome is developmental anomalies of the urogenital tract are rare but often encountered. This condition is caused by disrupted embryonic development of the genitourinary system. Only approximately a 100 cases have been reported so far. Most patients with this anomaly are asymptomatic. Radiologic modalities such as intravenous pyelography, ultrasonography, vasovesiculography, contrast enhanced computed tomography, and magnetic resonance imaging are all helpful in diagnosis of this unusual entity. We reported a case of Zinner syndrome, one of the rarest genitourinary system anomalies. Ultrasound as well as CT and MRI can easily detect the abnormalities specific for Zinner syndrome. Asymptomatic patients require active follow-up while symptomatic patients with enlarging seminal vesicle cyst require surgical intervention such as perineal cyst aspiration, subcutaneous cyst drainage, laparoscopic, and open surgery. Male patients need to be followed up for infertility. Our patient is asymptomatic. Therefore, he requires an active follow-up.

Author(s): Papava V, Didbaridze T, Tsirekidze M, Kvakhajelidze V, Mamasakhlisi T, Sinauridze G, Shanidze L and Zaalishvili Z

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