Wild Edible Plants Consumed by Primitive Tribes of Kotia Hills, Vizianagaram District, Andhra Pradesh, India

The present study mainly focused on the traditional wild food plants used by primitive tribes of Kotial hills, Vizianagaram District, Andhra Pradesh. A total of 75 species were documented as wild plants used for food purposes. Among the 75 species, 28 species are trees followed by 26 herbs, 11 climbers and 10 shrubs. Generally herbaceous plant species are utilized as verdant vegetables. It has been seen that the customary information on wild food plants is on sharp decay. Except if endeavors are made to teach the more youthful generation about their significance, it is very well might be lost in not so distant future. Present study showed that there is an earnest requirement for documentation of customary information identified with the elusive social legacy concerning conventional plant employments. The usage and development of these vegetables ought to be elevated to keep up with the dietary requirements of the peoples in Andhra Pradesh.

Author(s): Salugu Bodayya Padal, Sreedevi K , Apparao D, Satyavathi K

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