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VMP35, a Novel Bioflavonoids and Phytonutrient-Fortified Formulation Demonstrated to Boost Metabolic Competence and Athletic Performance

Metabolic competence in conjunction with well-balanced nutritional support is extremely important for normal biochemical and physiological functions, as well as for enhanced athletic performance. Research-affirmed nutraceuticals enriched in structurally diverse phytonutrients including bioflavonoids may help to boost athletic, functional, and bio-physiological competence. Earlier clinical studies in our laboratories using VMP35 have been demonstrated to boost aerobic competence and provide protection against diverse chronic degenerative diseases. It has been well demonstrated that occurrence of chronic degenerative disorders is associated with an increase in anaerobic events viz, the inability to effectively use oxygen and water, and inability to use nutrients, for cellular energy production, management, metabolic homeostasis, and waste removal. Anaerobic pathologies generate a significant increase in oxidative stress. Proper bioflavonoid-enriched VMP35 also supplies an abundant reservoir of buffers to restore aerobic metabolic events, minimizing oxidative stress, and provide additional antioxidants to boost the redox potential and immune competence. We demonstrated the molecular mechanisms in conjunction with validation from a clinical investigation, case studies, and concept validation pilot studies. The clinical evidence demonstrates that the iron-free liquid VMP35 dietary supplement restores aerobic metabolism by restoring iron-dependent hemoglobin to RBCs, bolstering neutrophils in the blood (immune support), and significantly improving performance output in a diverse range of different types of extreme athletes

Author(s): Bernard W Downs1, Manashi Bagchi2, Bruce S. Morrison3, Steve Kushner4, Matt Piacentino5, Debasis Bagchi1,6*

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