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Vision of Science and Environmental and Energy Sustainability in Asia-A Far Reaching Review

Environmental science is moving through a dreaded and drastic crisis. Environmental catastrophes, industrial pollution and industrial disasters have urged the scientific domain to propel towards newer dimensions of sustainability and successful sustainable development. Immense caution, grave concern and the need for ecological balance have ushered in a new era of environmental and energy sustainability. In this short review, the author delves deep into the domain of environmental and energy sustainability in India and its impact of the progress of the nation. The author with deep comprehension and cogent insight delineates the future of sustainability and development with respect to developmental parameters such as provision of drinking water and arsenic groundwater remediation in South Asia. Environmental and energy sustainability are the coinwords of present day and future vision. The author with deep skill wishes to bring to the forefront the future vision of science and its application of energy and environmental sustainability of a nation. Successful sustainable development will never be a mirage when concerted governmental effort is taken with respect to ecology, sustainability and growth of a nation. The author delineates the success of sustainable development in India and China with respect to ecology and environment. Environmental protection is of utmost importance in the path towards a nation’s progress. Vision of scientific endeavour has an umbilical cord with sustainable development of a nation. The author deals with cogent insight the present and future directions of application of sustainability of a nation whether it is Asia or any developed nation.

The world of engineering science is moving fast by leaps and bounds. Energy and environmental sustainability is surpassing visionary frontiers. Advancement of science and technology, intricate scientific vision and the grave environmental concerns has urged human mankind to surpass visionary as well as inimitable barriers. In such a challenging situation, sustainability of human civilization is of utmost importance and relevance. The world is moving through drastic challenges and hideous barriers.

Author(s): Sukanchan Palit

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