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Unique recombinant idiotypic and anti-idiotypic antibodies against estradiol

Estradiol is an estrogen derivative. It is capable to exert pathogenic influence on hormone dependent organs and tissues. Estradiol under certain conditions could stimulate the growth of benign and malignant tumors in the epithelium of the mammary gland, endometrium and cervix, epithelium and endothelium of mucous membranes (larynx, esophagus and rectum). The aim of this study was to obtain human single-chain idiotypic and anti-idiotypic antibodies against estradiol. A naive human phage library was screened. Seventeen (17) clones with a high-quality reaction to the estradiol-BSA conjugate have been selected as a result. Four singlechain antibodies had been decided on after evaluation of the amino acid sequences. The antibodies have been particular and had no analogues. The proteins have been expressed in E.Coli and isolated. The affinity of the antibodies in opposition to estradiol changed into measured through plasmon resonance. The most binding constant turned into determined for 119 antibodies. A naive human phage library turned into screened once more to isolate anti-idiotypic antibodies acquired by means of in advance 119 antibodies. Two particular clones encoding anti-idiotypic antibodies against estradiol have been selected: D2 and B3. Thus, idiotypic and anti-idiotypic antibodies in opposition to estradiol have been acquired and characterized. The take a look at systems may be advanced to diagnose various types of cancer primarily based on these antibodies.

Author(s): Kristina V Polunina, Anna V Ostapceva, Artem E Studennikov, Andrey N Glushkov and Valentin A Ustinov

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