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To Correlate Calcium and Phosphorus Metabolism in Different Stages of Ckd with and Without Hemodialysis – A Study from Central India

In many countries, nephrologists follow clinical practice guidelines for mineral bone disorders to control abnormal serum calcium (Ca) and phosphorus (P) levels in patients WITH AND WITHOUT maintenance hemodialysis (MHD. We aimed to evaluate serum mineral levels in CKD patients to determine their relationship with CLINICAL SYMPTOMS. These results may provide insight into the status of current practice in the era of such guidelines. Interminable kidney ailment (CKD) is a sort of kidney ailment where there is progressive loss of kidney work over a time of months to years. Initially there are commonly no side effects; later, indications may incorporate leg growing, feeling tired, spewing, loss of craving, and confusion.[2] Complications incorporate an expanded danger of coronary illness, hypertension, bone malady, and anemia.
Author(s): Punit Gupta

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