Theoretical Support: Naturopathy Lesson Plan Development for Adolescents and Adults

The study of human development assists health educators to understand the aging process, how individuals learn, and how to develop engaging curriculum to help learners master new skills and information Lesson planning for any age in the lifespan can be achieved with maximum results when health educators have an understanding of theories and the human development lifespan. Early identification of problems, physical and cognitive developmental issues, and intervention strategies can be appropriately addressed when health educators have a comprehensive understanding of instructional tools and theories. Health educators should understand the various learning and developmental theories underpinning each lifespan stage. Two naturopathy lesson plans are included for adolescents, adults, and seniors: (1) Lesson Plan 1 Fast Food and Cancer Link, and (2) Lesson Plan 2 Essential Oils are Natural Cures and Healing Remedies.

Author(s): Portugal LM

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