Aim and Scope

Journal of Biomedical Science & Applications is to publish scientific and technical research papers, to bring attention to the importance of technology in the field of human sciences. Ever advancing technology plays a vital role in several emergency medical and clinical scenarios, and is thus the the key focus of this journal; biomedical research. Bringing together content that is rich and enables information sharing between like-minded readers who crave for quality content on biomedical research.

The journal publishes the recent development in the field of:

•           Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

•           Biostatistics and Epidemiology

•           Cell and Molecular Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics

•           Neurosciences

•           Pathology and Laboratory Medicine

•           Regenerative Medicine and Cell Biology

•           Biomedical Engineering

•           Medical Biochemistry

•           Applied Biomaterials

•           Medical Cell Biology

•           Immunology

•           Microbiology and Virology

•           Molecular, Cellular and Cancer Biology

•           Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Analysis

•           Proteomics

•           Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology