The Water Bodies and Pollution Sources

A computerized water management system was created to assess the significance of the links between water bodies and the effects of pollution sources. The link between point loads and fundamental water quality metrics is investigated as a labeled network by modeling water bodies in a topological network. The labels are determined by the classification of the water bodies and the sources of pollution. The topology of the network may be analyzed to see how the possible pathways of the surface water network affect water quality. The retrieved data may be utilized to create a monitoring and evidence-based decision-making system. The methodological advancement is demonstrated by analyzing the physical-chemical characteristics of all surface water bodies in Hungary using emissions from industrial facilities and wastewater treatment plants. Changes in water quality are thoroughly analyzed using water quality data collected during the last ten years. The results show that the developed technique is capable of identifying crucial surface water bodies where the impact of local pollution sources is more severe. One hundred and six essential water bodies have been identified, where extra attention should be paid to improving water quality.

Author(s): Lucy Miller

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