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The Real Factors of Environmental Change, Preservation Farming and Soil Carbon Sequestration

The calamitous bushfires experienced in south-eastern Australia during the southern summer of 2020 have given mankind an opportune token of the genuine detestations that can unfurl in a quickly warming world. As the need to decrease ozone-depleting substance emanations also, balance them with carbon sequestration picks up direness, much is made of the potential for agrarian soils to go about as a carbon sink (Poulton, Johnston, Macdonald, White, and Powlson, 2018). It is in this way opportune that the investigation of Sun et al. (2020) in this issue conveys a portion of authenticity about the potential for preservation agribusiness to sequester carbon in editing soils over the globe, and its relationship with farming profitability.

Author(s): Kate Turner

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