Thalidomide: An Overview and the Species-Specific Teratogenicity

Thalidomide (TD) is the medication in clinical use since over 50 years for variable signs, for example, Leprosy. In 1960s, the utilization of TD lead to birth of around 10,000 children with phocomelia. Later on, TD was expelled from the market. Regardless of Thalidomide Embryopathy (TE), this medication has as of late been affirmed for the treatment of numerous myeloma for explicit signs. Species protection from create appendage disfigurements was the primary explanation of its unrecognized teratogenicity during preclinical poisonousness testing. The reason for this survey is to talk about the concise history of this medication and the current disclosure of a potential system of animal varieties explicitness of TE including SALL4 corruption by Thalidomide-Cereblon (TD-CRBN) complex.

Author(s): Sidra Shafique

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