Tales of a Meandering Medic

This book describes my journey through my working life as a Doctor. It also describes my experiences as 8 patients, and the wonderful life saving care I received from the NHS. There are also a few lines on my earlier life, as a Medical Student and how that impacted on my life as a Hospital Consultant Physician and Nephrologist (kidney specialist). The book consists of a series of vignettes describing episodes that have lingered in my memory. This is well illustrated by the vignette “A Legacy of 5pina bifida”. In this, I describe a courageous lady with spina bifida. Illustrations come mainly from Bing Pictures, although some are of my own creation. There is a detailed Glossary at the start of the book explaining abbreviations commonly used in Medicine, for example LP is the abbreviation for Lumbar Puncture, used in the vignette describing my own lumbar puncture. Towards the end of the book I describe my interaction with the Driving and Vehicle Licensing Authority (Aittocracy), and the General Medical Council (Gang of Mealymouthed Charlatans). Hopefully the book will entertain and educate. The intended reader is an average member of the public and no prior medical knowledge is required. Some over inflated egos may be punctured.

Author(s): Dr. Simon P Gibson

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