Studying Wx-genes of local-wheat-varieties for further selection

With increasing population growth humanity is forced to increase agricultural production, the basis of which is grain farming. All this makes us relate to the identification of directions increase the sustainability and efficiency of grain production. The molecular genetic characteristics of the collections of soft and hard wheat varieties of domestic selection for the genes responsible for the synthesis of amylose are carried out. Based on the results, it is possible to create a set of common wheat lines with different allelic composition of Wx genes. A comparative analysis of the quality indices of local varieties was carried out to determine the influence of these genes on the baking quality indices of local varieties.

The analysis material was 36 local varieties of soft and durum wheat and spelled. According to the analysis of 14 samples of durum wheat, Wx-B1 - Wx-B1e genes (amplification by the type of e-allele) were found in four samples.  Samples, “QarabaÄ?” and “Shiraslan 23” are heterogeneous, there are found with “e” and “a "alleles for Wx-B1. in durum wheat no amplification of Wx-D1 on all markers. In soft wheat samples “Əkinçi 84” and “GönÉ?n”, using molecular markers, the putative “b” allele for Wx-B1 - Wx-B1b (zero-allele) was revealed. Samples “Pervin" and "ShаfÉ?q 2" carry the "e" allele in Wx-B1 - Wx-B1e (amplification by the type of e-allele). Tetraploid wheat (“PÉ?rinc”) lacks Wx-D1 amplification on all markers. The remaining samples - for all genes, the allele "a" - wild type

Author(s): Gulshen Huseyn Poladova

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