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Study on Horticultural Traits and Incidence of Physiological Disorders of Indigenous Seedling Mango Germplasm in Central and Sub-Montane Zones of Punjab

A Survey on horticultural traits and incidence of physiological disorders of seedling mango germplasm was carried out in central and sub-montane zones of Punjab, during February to October 2012 (on year) and February to October 2013 (off year). The superior genotypes of seedling mangoes to peculiar character were selected on the basis of information provided by tree owners, local inhabitants and officials from Department of Horticulture, Punjab. Wide variability was recorded for eating quality in fruits at the time of ripening indicate that the fruit storage life in different evaluated seedling mango germplasm varied from 3 to 5 days. The time of fruit maturity also differed amongst the genetic resources under evaluation The seedling mango germplasm collected in central and sub-montane zone of Punjab were irregular, alternate and regular bearers. A wide range of variability was observed in fruit yield of collected germplasm. Thus, there is tremendous possibility of such material to act as source for further propagation as well as breeding material for hybridization to evolve new varieties with desirable traits.

Author(s): Gurbir Singh*

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