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Some Indian Medicinal Plants Medicinal Properties and Phytochemical Analysis

Plants are often regarded as the most significant source of medicines. Plants play an important role in meeting the fundamental health needs of underdeveloped countries. The use of plants and plant products as medicine may be traced back to the dawn of human civilization. The first recorded medical usage of plants in Hindu culture is found in the “Rigveda”, which is claimed to have been composed between 4500 B.C. and 1600 B.C. and is regarded as the oldest repository of human knowledge [1]. It is Ayurveda, the Hindu culture’s basis of medical knowledge, with its eight-division arrangements with particular medication characteristics and numerous aspects of science of living and the art of treating (remedial). According to the WHO, traditional medicines are still used by the majority of people who cannot afford the goods of western pharmaceutical corporations.

Author(s): Erica Melena*

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