Sleep Problems; I am also a Mental Patient! Am i ?

Sleep is a main fact in a human life, there are mainly five main facts in human life, those are Birth, Food, sleep, love, and death. Sleep is influenced by a host of biological and lifestyle factors for example, sleep pressure and the circadian rhythm (i.e. Body clock) impact sleep. Sleep need changes, as age increases, and adolescents have a biological tendency to go to bed, later and sleep in. we spend approximately a third of our lives asleep, sleep is an important factor in our lifespan, and it is an involuntary process without which we cannot function effectively, why it is more important?; it is as important to our body as eating, drinking and breathing, and is vital for maintaining good mental and physical health. Sleeping helps to repair and restore our brains, not just our bodies. This research paper mainly aiming to find out what are the key problems and criteria which is patient’s mental status gone wrong or how becoming a mental patient; for that We should first understand that are we getting the proper amount of sleep, and enough, good quality sleep. Exactly no set amount of sleep that is appropriate for everyone; some people need more sleep than others, and it is a complex process than many people realize, it is still a mystery to scientists. While asleep we are going through many processes and sleep stages good quality sleep is likely to be the result of spending enough time in all of the stages, including enough deep sleep which helps us feel refreshed. While discussing Poor sleep over a sustained period leads to a number of problems which are immediately recognizable, including fatigue, sleepiness, poor concentration, lapses in memory, and irritability. Most of the peoples are suffering from Insomnia (lack of sleep or poor quality sleep). Just like we say that mind and body is always connected; sleep and health is always connected towards, even if it is Insomnia it will affect our mood, energy and concentration levels, our relationships and our ability to stay awake and function during the day. Poor sleep can increase the risk of having poor health, and poor health can make it harder to sleep, common mental health problems like anxiety and depression can often underpin sleep problems. For these cases a combination of approach to treating the mental health problem in tandem is often the most effective

Author(s): Rehna.k

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